Voltage stabilizers - General

Voltage stabilizers - General - Short-circuit current limitation

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Author: Tesu Adrian

The operation of electronic circuits and devices requires continuous voltage sources for power supply.

Regardless of the type of energy source used, the consumer must be supplied with a voltage and current of a certain size, and this size must be maintained within the limits determined by the operating parameters of the circuit or device. current stabilizers.

What is a voltage stabilizer?

The device or electronic device that performs the function of stabilizing the parameters of a signal is called a stabilizer.

Depending on the type of physical quantity that characterizes the input signal, the stabilizers can be voltage (continuous or alternative), current, frequency, etc.

A voltage stabilizer is a quadrupole, which maintains the output voltage within very tight limits (theoretically constant), regardless of the variation of input voltage, load current, or ambient temperature, in areas specified by technical standards or norms.

The variation of the ambient temperature in which the system operates is considered an input signal.

DC voltage stabilizers are part of the structure of power supplies along with its components: voltage source (transformer), rectifier block and filter block.

Contents of this book:

Chapter 1

1.1 Definitions
1.2 The role of voltage stabilizer in electronic systems
1.3 Principles of operation
1.4 Electrical parameters
1.5 Classification of voltage stabilizers

Chapter 2

2.1 Linear stabilizers
2.1.1 Parametric stabilizers
2.1.2 Calculation example for parametric stabilizers
2.2 Switching voltage stabilizers
2.2.1 Principles of operation
2.2.2 The regulatory element
2.2.3 Classification
2.2.4 Choice of diode D
2.2.5 Schemes of principle

Chapter 3

3.1 Possible overloads
3.2 Overload protection
3.2.1 Limiting the short-circuit current
3.2.2. Relay protection
3.3 Overvoltage protection
3.4 Voltage reduction protection

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