The Tutorial Book - Have fun with PIC microcontrollers

The Tutorial Book - Have fun with PIC microcontrollers

Reading time: <1 minut

Author: Jallib Group
Year of publication: 2010

What does the book present?

The book presents interesting projects based on the use of the PIC microcontroller. It is useful for embedded electronics enthusiasts.

Among the main topics presented, we list: Blink A Led (Your First Project); Setting up and checking an I2C bus; Dimming a led with PWM; LCD Display - HD44780-compatible; Building a serial port board with the max232 device;

The structure of the book

Chapter 1: Back to basics

  • Installation
  • Getting Started
  • Blink A Led (Your First Project)
  • Serial Port and RS-232 for communication

Chapter 2: Internal PICs

  • ADC - Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • I2C (Part 1) - Building an I2C slave + Theory.
  • I2C (Part 2) - Setting up and checking an I2C bus
  • I2C (Part 3) - Implementing an I2C Slave
  • PWM Intro - Pulse Width Modulation
  • PWM (Part 1) - Dimming a led with PWM
  • PWM (Part 2) - Sound and Frequency with Piezo Buzzer
  • SPI Introduction

Chapter 3: Experimenting external parts

  • Hard Disks - IDE / PATA
  • IR Ranger with Sharp GP2D02
  • LCD Display - HD44780-compatible
  • Memory with 23k256 SRAM
  • RC Servo Control & RC Motor Speed ​​Control
  • SD Memory Cards

Chapter 4: PIC software

  • Print & Format
  • FAT32 File System
  • Appendix
  • Materials, tools and other additional how-tos
  • Building a serial port board with the MAX232 device
  • In Circuit Programming
  • Miscellaneous
  • Changelog

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