The basics of radio electronics

Basics of radioelectronics - Transistors with field effect and fundamental applications

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Author: Virgiliu Zamfir
Publisher: Facla - Timisoara
Year of publication: 1987

What it is?

The paper presents topics in semiconductor physics, physical and applied electronics, which the author considered among the foundations of radioelectronics, ie that part of electronics having as object of study the theoretical and practical problems related to radio-electrical signal processing.

Since the book is addressed to readers who want to approach radioelectronics on a scientific basis, the treatment is analytical. However, accessibility is ensured by the fact that only processes with dominant effects, basic semiconductor structures and their representative applications are treated in detail, emphasizing the physics of the phenomena involved.

The semiconductor junction pn and the bipolar transistor required a broader presentation, given their importance both as discrete devices and as elements in the integrated circuits.

Book structure:

HEAD. 1 - Elements of semiconductor physics
HEAD. 2 - The semiconductor junction pn
HEAD. 3 - Semiconductor diodes and fundamental applications
HEAD. 4 - Bipolar transistor and fundamental applications
HEAD. 5 - Transistors with field effect and fundamental applications
HEAD. 6 - Integrated operational amplifier and fundamental amplifications
HEAD. 7 - Other basic problems in radio electronics

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