Small automations

Small automations - Use of the signal given by the transducer

Reading time: 2 minute This paper presents a series of examples of small automations easy to achieve, especially by young radio amateurs. Some assemblies are based on electrical applications. At each installation, however, there are several variants of use, especially electronic, which work with greater precision and safety in operation, presenting where appropriate both the variants with electronic tubes and semiconductors.

Checking the protections by relays

Checking the protections by relays - Remote protections

Reading time: 2 minute The operation of electrical equipment and installations is largely ensured by the efficiency in operation of the protection by relays. For this reason, when commissioning and then periodically, the protection installations are subjected to complex checks, after which it can be established whether they correspond to the purpose for which they were provided, as well as the remedial measures in case of defects.