Radio Superson - History and technical data - Radio with light organ

Reading time: 3 minute Superson is a stationary radio receiver, manufactured in two variants between 1977 and 1979, provided with a light organ intended to receive the broadcasts of broadcasting stations in the range of medium (MA - amplitude modulation) and ultrashort (MF - frequency modulation) waves. By attaching the light organ, a pleasant correlation is created between color and sound, giving musical auditions a special quality.

Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.5 - Integrated circuit TAA661B (MAA651B)

Reading time: 2 minute Technical bulletin no.5, includes the description of the functions of the details of the electrical diagram and defects or damages to the TV modules with 5 and 6 integrated circuits, except for the vertical scanning mode with TDA1170 presented in the technical bulletin no. 4.