Conex Club Magazine - no.7-8 - 2006

Conex Club Magazine - no. 7-8 - 2006 - Verification of IGBT transistor modules

Reading time: 9 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Linear voltage regulators; Low cost charger for NiCd and NiMH elements; Keyboard with conversion from decimal to BCD; Vu-meter with transistors; Switch-detector for minimum load supplied in alternating current; FM transmitter microphone - for the band 88-108 MHz with a single transistor; Using an LED as a photodiode (light detector); 1W audio amplifier with TDA7052.

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Conex Club Magazine - no.11 - 2005

Conex Club Magazine - no. 11 - 2005 - 200W bridge amplifier, with TDA2030

Reading time: 5 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Battery monitors; MC1496 integrated circuit; 2-zone alarm and / or fire alarm control panel; Voltage inverter - 24Vdc / 220Vac, 50 / 60Hz, 350W; Electronic timer with "start" and "stop" commands; Preamplifier - input trainer for frequency meters; Top 209/210 - TOPSwitch Family - Electronic MOS-FET switch with PWM control.

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Conex Club Magazine - no.12 - 2002

Conex Club Magazine - no.12 - 2002 - TDA1562Q - 70W H-class audio amplifier

Reading time: 4 minute Among the main topics presented, we list: Function generator for PC 0.01Hz… 1MHz; Electronic components for SMT technology; LDO Stabilizers - Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulators; LCD (III) alphanumeric display programming; Switching source 13.8V / 20A; Pony Prog - Programmer PIC16C (F) 84; LCD display with programmable messages.

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Remote control device

Remote control device

Reading time: 3 minute Receiving signals of approximately 38 kHz, the mount may not be sensitive to some types of remote controls that transmit on other frequencies (115kHz, in the case of remote controls for satellite receivers). The tested assembly received signals from various TV remote controls, CD player and even from TV-Tuner remote controls.

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