Transistors - What can be done with a faulty transistor?

Reading time: 2 minute Did you know that ...? Since the year of the first transistorized receiver (1954, in the USA and 1956 in Europe), was the trend of production and use of tube radio receivers decreasing drastically, especially in the West? At Electronica - Bucharest the production of transceivers with transistors started in 1959 with an insignificant number, in the following year producing 1992 pcs., And in 1961 - 49835 pcs.

Electronic kaleidoscope

Electronic Kaleidoscope - Arranging recovered electronic parts

Reading time: 2 minute The book presents assemblies with integrated circuits, transistors and electronic tubes. Among the topics presented, we list: Portable radio receivers with transistors; Replacing a frequency changer tube; Mounting with operational amplifiers; Audio montages with CMOS integrated circuits; Recovered speakers; Tape recorder amplifier with electronic tubes;

Audio frequency generator - IPRS Baneasa - Prospect 8108

Audio frequency generator - IPRS Baneasa - Prospect 8108

Reading time: 3 minute An audio frequency generator is an electronic assembly that must not be missing from the workshop or laboratory of any amateur electronics technician. Such a generator can be used in the most diverse electronic applications: debugging, generation of onomatopoeias, checking of audio frequency amplifiers, electronic sirens, etc.