MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Transistor

MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Transistor

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Author: Liviu Tigaeru
Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications - Iasi
Year of publication: 2020

What is the MOS transistor?

transistor MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is a semiconductor device, made of silicon, which has three terminals, called DRAIN, GRID, respectively SOURCE.

Depending on its constructive features, MOS transistors fall into two broad categories:

  1. MOS transistors with channel indus
  2. MOS transistors with channel initial

The channels mentioned above represent the element in the internal structure of the MOS transistor which ensures the transfer of electric charge between the drain and the source. By transferring the electric charge between the two terminals, the appearance of the electrical conduction phenomena in the transistor is ensured and thus, the appearance of the electric current through it.

In addition, depending on the type of semiconductor material from which the channel is built, MOS transistors are divided into 2 types, namely:

  1. MOS transistors with N-type channel (the transistor channel is made of an N-type semiconductor material)
  2. MOS transistors with P-type channel (the transistor channel is made of a P-type semiconductor material)

In electronic circuits, MOS transistors are symbolized as in the figure below:

Course structure

1. General presentation

2. MOS transistor operation

  • Locking region
  • Linear region
  • Saturation region

3. Modeling the operation of the MOS transistor in variable low signal mode

4. Polarization of MOS transistors

  • Polarizing circuit with resistive divider in the grid
  • Grid self-polarizing circuit



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