Practical AVR Microcontrollers

Practical AVR Microcontrollers - Games, Gadgets and Home Automation

Reading time: <1 minut

Author: Alan Trevennor
Publisher: Apress - New York
Year of publication: 2012

What it is?

The book presents numerous projects based on the Atmel microcontroller, being structured in 13 chapters. Each project is described for everyone's understanding. They contain detailed information, such as: pictures, source code and more.

The presented material is recommended for embedded electronics enthusiasts.

The structure of the book

Part 1: The Basics

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Microcontrollers
Chapter 2: Building Our AVR Test Bed
Chapter 3: Arduino and the Naked AVR
Chapter 4: Moving On!
Chapter 5: Smarten Up!
Chapter 6: Digitally Speaking

Part 2: The Projects

Chapter 7: Introduction to the Projects Section
Chapter 8: Project 1: Good Evening, Mr. Bond: Your Secret Panel
Chapter 9: Project 2: Crazy Beams — Exercise Your Pet!
Chapter 10: Project 3: WordDune
Chapter 11: Project 4: The Lighting Waterfall
Chapter 12: Moving to Mesmerize
Chapter 13: Smart Home Enablers

Appendix A: Common Components
Appendix B: A Digital Electronics Primer
Appendix C: Breadboards
Appendix D: Serial Communications

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