Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no10 - 2006

Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no. 10 - 2006 - RST (Readability-Strength-Tone) reporting system

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Author: Petrosani Children's Club
Quarterly magazine of the circle of electronic constructions and amateur radio
Coordinator: Prof. Kovacs Imre - YO2LTF

Did you know that ...? Amateur radio is a way to use the radio spectrum, benefiting from almost zero costs, compared to other categories of spectrum users (taxi companies, radio and television stations, mobile and satellite operators), who pay their share. spectrum with large amounts or exorbitantly large (3G, 4G or 5G mobile telephony for example)?

The structure of the magazine

1. Our guests at YO2KQK (Children's Club - Petrosani)

Amateur radio is a special community, people of different professions, of different ages, united by the same common passion, animated by the same spirit of solidarity, characterized by friendships with people they often did not even see, but with whom they had connections radio on the waves.

In this context, a meeting of the radio amateurs from the county took place at the Children's Club from Petrosani, on 03.04.2006, a happy occasion to see some of them again, to meet for the first time, others.

2. Website design

  • Stage I: Establishing the subject of the website;
  • Stage II: Identifying the audience;
  • Stage III: Structuring information.

Statistics say that:

  • The visitor does not like the scroll, that is, he does not like to go down to the bottom of the page;
  • The visitor does not like to wait, and waiting often makes him leave the site;
  • The visitor reads from the monitor at a speed that is with 25% smaller than the one he reads on paper…

3. RST (Readability-Strength-Tone) reporting system

The RST reception quality reporting system has been used successfully for many years to report the intelligibility, power and tone of a received station. Only R and S parameters are used for phony connections.

It is very important that the radio amateur at the reception gives a correct control, especially when he notices irregularities in the correspondent's broadcast. A "59 with many pluses" control does not use anyone, it depends on ethics and HAM-spirit that a control is correct.


  1. Unintelligible;
  2. At the limit of the intelligible, whole words can occasionally be distinguished;
  3. Copy with considerable difficulty;
  4. Practically copyable without difficulty;
  5. Perfectly intelligible.

SIGNAL STRENGTH (Signal strength)

  1. Extremely weak signal, barely perceptible;
  2. Very weak signal;
  3. Weak signal;
  4. Modest signal as power;
  5. Pretty good signal;
  6. Good signal;
  7. Almost strong signal;
  8. Strong signal;
  9. Extremely strong signal.

TONE - for Morse

  1. Brum on industrial frequency (50Hz); very strong;
  2. Clear and strong mist;
  3. Straightened, unfiltered voltage mist;
  4. Voltage rectified but very little filtered voltage;
  5. The sound is modulated by the mist, a little musical;
  6. Filtered tone, slightly modulated but with ripple modulation (easy tinnitus);
  7. Almost pure tone, with little ripple modulation;
  8. Almost perfect tone, almost imperceptible modulation;
  9. Perfect tone, musical.

4. About banners

The most advantageous way to advertise your company is to advertise on other sites, the advertisement being represented by banners. The cost of inserting a banner varies from one site to another, depending on the value of the site, the value given by the number of visitors or the top position.

A banner, no matter how well designed, does not make any money if it does not appear on other sites. When the promotion budget is consistent, things are simple: we pay for its display on one site or another and that's it. But there are situations when the budget is a bit thin or even zero. Fortunately, solutions have been implemented even for such cases…

5. Fill the printer cartridges

The filling holes are located under the cartridge cover. The cover can be removed by cutting the solder between the cover and the cartridge body with a knife.

After removing the cover, locate the three filling holes. Insert the needle through the hole in the internal sponge and inject approx 8 ml of ink. Be careful not to inject air into the internal sponge. It is not necessary to replace the cartridge cover but if you want you can glue it with scotch tape. Leave the cartridge for a few minutes to wet the internal sponge and writing head.

It is recommended that you refill the cartridge as soon as the ink runs out, increasing the life of the cartridge. Install the cartridge in the printer and run a writing head cleaning test…

6. How to become a radio amateur?

The frequency spectrum is a valuable resource. Very valuable. It can be considered a raw material - it is given by nature and used to the point of exhaustion by humans. There is not so much free bandwidth to reach everyone, so international and national bodies have made a detailed and judicious division of the entire radio spectrum, allocating it for various applications, current or just planned.

To legally use amateur radio frequencies, you must become an authorized radio amateur.

  • Is the exam difficult?
  • How are radio amateurs viewed in this sport?
  • What must be learned for the exam?


If you want to collaborate with this magazine, please access the contact section on the last page of each publication.


  1. Point 6 made me smile. I know two articles "I want to become an amateur radio" and "Propaganda for amateur radio" that deal with the same topic. But "life beats film." A few years after the last one appeared, the author was called by a stranger. Who told him that he had accidentally run into him, read, thought he was "nice", learned, took the exam and now it's YO2

  2. According to the Regulation, the letter K is indicative of a radio club and cannot be assigned to a private person. YO2 is the radio district no. 2 that includes several counties. So YO2K ... is a radio club call sign.

  3. If you want to recover your code, follow these steps: 1. Enter the call book on the ANCOM website. And you're looking for your first and last name. 2. If you can't find it, it means that more than 5 years have passed since you didn't update. And they wiped you. 3. Send an email. "Hello, my name is ... I live at the address… and I answer the phone…. I had the call sign…, or I forgot it" (In this case you try to remember at least the year and possibly the month when you received the authorization , to make it easier for them to look for you; or when you took the exam…) "I would like to resume my amateur radio activity. So please: reactivate my old call sign. Thank you. Date…. Signature…." 4. In the meantime, buy a beginner's station. Honestly, I recommend a Baofeng UV5, which costs less than 100 lei. I gave 89 lei. Nine, screaming, but from China. So it takes at least a month, maybe two to come. 5. It would be good to invest in a programming cable and software.

  4. If I remember correctly, I paid a small fee, something like 10 lei per year, in 1981-83. The benefits of being a member of a radio club at that time, however, were much greater, there was no internet and you could not otherwise obtain the information necessary for the activity.

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