How to build a 1W audio amplifier with TDA7052?

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There are many applications that require a simple, inexpensive and reasonable power amplifier for portable circumstances (trips). TDA7052 is a very easy to build power amplifier, powered by batteries, with a decent power for its size and simplicity. The item contains two construction variants of the 1W amplifier.

The IC has two bridge-shaped amplifiers inside to provide good output power for its size. TDA7052 is very hard to find and expensive, but its equivalents TDA7052A and TDA7052B they are easier to find.

TDA7052 (manufactured by PHILIPS, now NXP) is a mono amplifier, but if you want a stereo configuration, you can buy either two TDA7052 ICs or TDA7053 which is the stereo version.

Wiring diagram - 1W amplifier with TDA7052 variant 1

Technical specifications of the assembly (variant 1)
  • Power supply: 3… 15V Max. 300mA;
  • Standby current: <8mA;
  • Output power> 1W @ 8 Ohm or> 0.25W RMS;
  • Band> 20Hz… 20kHz (-10… 50kHz, -3dB);
  • THD <1% @ 100mW, typical 0,2%;
  • S / N> 70dBA;
  • Gain: -30dB maximum.
  • Input impedance: ~ 10 kOhm.

Capacitors C2 and C3 disconnect, and resistor R2 allows input level adjustment. Capacitor C2 must be of good quality as the signal passes through it.

List of required components (variant 1)

R1 = 1 KOhm;
R2 = 10 KOhm (logarithmic potentiometer);
C1 = 2.2uF;
C2 = 100nF;
C3 = 100uF;
1 x Speaker> 1W / 8Ohm;
1 x TDA7052 (or TDA7052A, TDA7052AT, TDA7052B, TDA7052BT);
3 x terminal contacts for power, audio input and output.

Below we present another adjusted scheme for a maximum gain of approx 27 dB for TDA7052A or 32 dB for TDA7052B:

Wiring diagram - 1W amplifier with TDA7052 variant 2

List of required components (variant 2)

R1 = 4.7k;
R2 = 6.8k;
VR1 = 250k potentiometer;
C1 = 100nF;
C2 = 220uF;
C3 = 1uF;
C4 = 1uF;
1 x Speaker> 1W / 8Ohm;
1 x TDA7052 (or TDA7052A, TDA7052AT, TDA7052B, TDA7052BT);
3 x terminal contacts for power, audio input and output.

Technical specs for TDA7052

Technical specs for TDA7052A, TDA7052AT

Technical specs for TDA7052B, TDA7052BT


Conex Club Magazine - no.7-8 - 2006


  1. I put on a TDA2822 radio. I wanted to put D in class on a radio, but I was surprised to interfere with AM. Nothing could be heard.

  2. I remember this montage. I made it in high school while playing. It requires very few external components, being quite easy to build. ⁇

  3. I built an amplifier similar to this one, but it was with the TDA2822 which is stereo. I tied it to the deck and used it on a radio station, where the audio end was burned.

  4. Yes, you wrote that it's rare, hard to find and, if I still need 1-3W, with a 5-10 lei Chinese I have a stereo, and I do my job.
    I like your articles, but at some point they either exceed in applicability or understanding, or they are impossible due to the lack of pieces like this.
    Let's see if we can learn something, and we can apply tomorrow, as for example the scheme and the way the car computer works, I don't see any applications.
    And it would be very helpful to have spectacular applications from which to learn something and they are also easy to make for passionate young people.

    1. Indeed, TDA7052 is less common because it is no longer manufactured. But in the article we also specified its equivalents (pin to pin): TDA7052A, TDA7052AT, TDA7052B, TDA7052BT. All these equivalents are commercially available. So the assembly can be done easily even today.

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