Petrosani Hobby Magazine - nr14-15 - 2007

Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no14-15 - 2007 - How do we use a microcontroller?

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Author: Petrosani Children's Club
Quarterly magazine of the circle of electronic constructions and amateur radio
Coordinator: Prof. Kovacs Imre - YO2LTF

What is a microcontroller?

The microcontroller is an "intelligent" integrated circuit. Its user transfers some of his intelligence to his memory in the microcontroller programming process. In order to use it, the electronics technician needs development tools. These are: editor, compiler, simulator and programmer.

The first step is to choose the type of microcontroller. This is perhaps the most difficult because the range of microprocessors on the market is extremely varied. The most common types are Atmel (AVR), Motorola, Philips, Microchip (PIC), Scenix, Maxim, Rabbit, Freescale, Infineon and a host of other Japanese microcontrollers (eg Toshiba, Renesas, etc.).

The structure of the magazine

1. Advocate for the education of our children

The harmonious development of our children requires the theoretical training done at school and the development of practical skills, skills so necessary in everyday life. This is quite difficult to achieve at home, in the family, given that the "chase" for the source of subsistence is always occupied by parents.

The alternative solution was and is to continue enrolling the children in the technical-applicative circles from the existing children's clubs in almost all the cities and municipalities of our country. The school network across the country includes enough children's palaces and clubs…

2. The club today! (2007)

The Children's Club from Petrosani was included in a government program dedicated to education. Funds allocated by fish 5 billion old lei they allowed the restoration of the classrooms, the heating system, the furniture. The old solid fuel stove heating system has been replaced with methane gas central heating. The old windows have been replaced with double glazed windows, the doors cracked with new metal doors. The roof of the building, damaged over time, was completely renovated, redesigned, creating a living attic with accommodation for approximately 50 students...

3. Lupeni County Electronics Contest-2007

A knowledge grid test for the county electronic construction contest is presented.

4. Introductory notions of using microcontrollers

Although it seems difficult at first glance, creating a "toy" with a microcontroller is perfectly achievable by any young person aged between 12 (high school student) and 70 years old (retired TV radio debugger). The purpose of these pages is to familiarize the young Romanian electronics engineer with the approach to 1000st century electronics. If you are a good connoisseur of English, you will discover at least 50 other sites with the same topic. Of these, XNUMX will probably give you information for free, just like the one you are browsing…

5. Cables for Nokia GSM

  • Serial cable for Nokia 31xx / 81xx
  • DAU-4F for Nokia Cellular Data Suite (NCDS)

5. Internet

Appeared in the mid-80s in Chicago, USA, under the name Macrom, the company changes its name to, Macromedia Inc., in 1992, after the merger with the company Authorware. Initially, the founders of MacroMind and later Macromedia were interested in audio, video and animation applications for artists.

With the explosive development of the Internet, Macromedia has focused, since 1996, on software products needed by creators in the Web space. Who hasn't heard of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, Shockwave, Director… But most of all, who hasn't heard of Flash?...

6. WEB page guide

First of all, it should be mentioned that in reality nothing is free, but due to this wonderful world that is advertising, it has come that anyone who wants to publish anything on the Internet, can do it completely free (without paying the hosting fee, DNS fee and others).

It is good that when you go on the road, you have an e-mail address. The e-mail address is useful both for correspondence and for receiving confirmation messages of the various registrations that you will make throughout the creation of the site.

There are several possibilities for creating the site. If you have knowledge of HTML you will probably prefer a specialized editing program. The site can also be created visually by using programs WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), which allow the creation and maintenance without the user having knowledge of HTML or programming…

7. Curiosities


  • Holograms are photographs
  • The sun and the other stars
  • Electromagnetic waves
  • The most powerful power plant
  • The first device to record and play sound
  • Every year, migratory birds…
  • Thunder and lightning
  • The nerves in your body
  • Nylon was first produced in…
  • The most powerful fire truck in the world
  • Diamond and pencil lead
  • The biggest hailstone
  • On top of Mount Everest…


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