Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.2

Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.2 - Electronica Sport TVs

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Author: Ing. Statnic Eugen
Year of publication: 1976

What does the book present?

This book presents theoretical notions about horizontal and vertical deflection with transistors, and about the frame oscillator of "Sport" TV. For owners of tube TVs (mostly collectors), this book can be used to troubleshoot "Sport" TVs made by Electronics Bucharest.

All TVs Sport Electronics to analog tuner, FIF-UIF. As in Romania there are no more analog TV shows, but only digital ones, these TVs can no longer receive "air" TV channels.
They can also receive only to a limited extent, cable TV stations, from a provider (provider), or with the help of a DVB-T2 digital terrestrial receiver as a tuner.
These TVs can also be used as a monitor for surveillance systems.

You can find the diagram of the Electronica Sport TV here.

The structure of the book

  • Horizontal deflection with transistors
  • The final floor of horizontal sweeping
  • Real deflection circuit
  • The practical circuit of a final floor of lines powered at 11V
  • Horizontal scanning with series-parallel recovery
  • The final floor of the horizontal sweep of the portable TV "Sport"
  • Line oscillator, reactance stage, phase and frequency comparator
  • Key measurements for troubleshooting horizontal scanning
  • Oscillography
  • Vertical scanning with transistors
  • The phasing floor and the final floor of the vertical sweep of the TV
  • "Sport" portable TV frame oscillator
  • Extinguishing pulse preparation circuit on frames.

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