Power supply disturbances

Electromagnetic compatibility - Disruptions through the power supply network

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Author: Ogrutan Pentre
Year of publication: 2000

What are the main causes of disturbances through the power supply network?

  • switching of power installations;
  • on-the-go reconfigurations of energy subsystems;
  • changing the operating sockets of the transformers;
  • operation with load shocks of medium and high power electric drive motors;
  • current shocks specific to electric arcs (welding installations, electric arc furnaces, etc.);
  • ON / OFF switching of important inductive and capacitive loads (such as mixed filter-compensation installations);
  • accidental short circuits;
  • overvoltages due to atmospheric electric discharges;
  • rapid variations of the amplitude and frequency of the supply voltage over the limits allowed by the manufacturers of computing equipment as a result of network overload, switching of energy installations, short circuits, etc.

Course structure

  • Voltage loss protection
  • Network filters
  • The need for limiting elements
  • Limiting elements
  • Protective devices for the power supply network
  • Class D devices
  • Devices for connection to boards
  • Surge protection fittings
  • The quality of the power supply to a PC
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR
  • Simulation in SIMULINK of overvoltages
  • Elimination of thyristor overvoltages
  • Elimination of thyristor overvoltages and thyristor protection
  • Elimination of overvoltages with varistor or gas discharge tube
  • Destruction of equipment by surges

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