CET 500 computer

CET 500/501 - Transistorized Electronic Computer (1964-1966)

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CET 500 computer

CET 500 was conducted at the Institute of Atomic Physics in Bucharest in 1964, by a team led by Victor Thomas.

The first fully transistorized computer in Romania

The central unit implements 32 instructions, the word length being 37 bits. It contained about 2 transistors, 700 semiconductor diodes, and the internal memory capacity of 1 K words of 37 bits each was implemented with ferrite rings and worked by 5 k instructions / s.

It was manufactured to solve problems of some industrial objectives.

Peripheral equipment were: a perforated tape reader (100 characters / s), a typewriter (8 characters / s) and a printer (160 characters / s). The computer programming was in machine code.

CET 501 computer

The CET 501 was produced in 1966 and had improved performance over the CET 500 in terms of working speed, main memory capacity, instruction set and peripheral equipment.

The architecture was 32-bit, and the central processing unit implements 64 instructions and provides a working speed of 12 K instructions per second. It contained approx. 4 transistors and 000 semiconductor diodes and the internal memory was made with ferrite rings of capacity: 1 K words of 37 bits each word.

The peripheral equipment available was: a perforated tape reader (300 characters / s), a typewriter (8 characters / s) and a printer (160 characters / s).

The computers were used for technical-engineering calculations and were intended to solve problems from objectives of great importance.

An important role was played by the work entitled "Collection of programs for the CET-500 computer", published in the Academy Publishing House (1967), prefaced by acad. Miron Nicolescu. The paper contained 850 pages, was written by 41 authors and presents the solution of specific problems in 15 fields.

The father of computers in socialist countries in Europe

Officially, Victor Thomas is the father of computers in socialist countries in Europe, less the USSR. After four years of work, in 1955, the Bessarabian refugee struck Bucharest with his first computer.

He followed a series of inventions until 1995. He continued to work until 2005, when he was diagnosed with the disease and forced to look at the sky through the dusty eyes of an apartment on Magheru Boulevard, where he Deceased on November 26, 2008 (age 86) .


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  1. "De Gaulle" made the gesture. If you remember the first transients were called SFT, the same coding as the French.

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