Tehnium Magazine no.3 - 2006 - Filtration of rectified voltages

Reading time: 3 minute Among the main topics presented, we list: Voltage multipliers; Differential battery source; Switch controlled by parasitic signals; Double rectifier - double alternating; Time relay for ship models; Apparatus for regulating the intensity of electric current in single-phase welding transformers; Laser light barrier;

Tehnium Magazine no. 2 - 2005 - Frequency multipliers with varactor diodes

Reading time: 4 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: BIOS settings; Mobile phone alarm system; OR / 100/2 cathode ray tubes (B 10 S1) - Characteristics and use; Variable high voltage stabilizer; Christmas tree light sets; Drive - speed inverter; Use of quartz crystals in remote control stations; Frequency meter 30 MHz;

Tehnium Magazine no.1 - 2005 - CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation)

Reading time: 5 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Voltage comparators - Applications in mini-automation; Electric motor with reciprocating motion; Cranial electronic simulator; Organ of lights or modulated light; Mechanics for electronics - Construction of tin boxes; Sound pressure of speakers; Hi-Fi amplifier with tone corrector; Electronic lightning; Sizing of single-phase transformers with powers up to 350W; Gradual light intensity; 5-channel Kraft transmitter;

Tehnium Magazine no. 4 - 2004 - Sound system with coaxial speaker

Reading time: 4 minute Among the main topics discussed in this issue, we list: Mini-accumulators: operation-maintenance; Technical and practical considerations regarding the construction of TQWT type Hi-Fi acoustic enclosures; Sound chamber with coaxial speaker; High voltage source for laboratory; PC power supply; Digital clock; Electronic mixer for electric motors of two-propeller ship models;

Tehnium Magazine no.3 - 2004 - Automatic position maintenance system

Reading time: 4 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Schmitt tipping circuit; Design of a Hi-Fi audio amplifier; Calibration of RLC measuring bridges; Automatic position holding system; Time relay with coupling delay; Bread oven automation equipment; Bread oven automation equipment; How do we build a 50g mule ?; Digital capacitance meter;