Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.10 - Televisions with 4 integrated circuits

Reading time: 2 minute The color TV that was to be manufactured at Electronica in 1983 consumes less than 100W from the mains and works freely at mains voltages between 150V and 250V. In this way, the design ensures that an essential task for the national economy and for the remote owner is achieved: energy saving.

ABCs of Varactors - Rufus Turner - What are varactor / varicap diodes?

Reading time: 2 minute The varactor diode or varicap diode is a special diode that has the characteristic of modifying its internal capacity as the voltage applied to the terminals varies. The advantage of the varivap diode (varactor) over a trimmer or a variable capacitor is that we can make very fine adjustments and we can get even very small capacities.