Electro ABC

Electro ABC - The chemical effect of electric current

Reading time: 2 minute This book has a practical character, the reduced models that are recommended for realization are given in the ascending order of the degree of difficulty, from all fields of application of electricity: from static electricity, to electromagnetism, to electric lighting, electrothermal, electric actuators, power supply, electric traction, electrocommunications, radio electronics, automation, etc.

ABC electronics

ABC Electronics - What exactly is electronics?

Reading time: <1 minut In this paper, in addition to the basic notions on components used in construction, we propose a deeper knowledge of electronics through a series of assemblies with transistors easy to make, using radio parts produced by "IPRS" Baneasa and "Electro-Arges ". Before that, however, there will be a short journey into the micro-cosmos of electronics.

The young audio amateur

Young amateur audio - Checking and troubleshooting amplifiers

Reading time: 2 minute This book is addressed to all young radio amateurs who love music and are interested in playing it in the most natural conditions. It is generally addressed to all young people concerned with the technique of sound recording, the problems of practical construction of audio frequency amplifiers, as well as their development and troubleshooting.

Small automations

Small automations - Use of the signal given by the transducer

Reading time: 2 minute This paper presents a series of examples of small automations easy to achieve, especially by young radio amateurs. Some assemblies are based on electrical applications. At each installation, however, there are several variants of use, especially electronic, which work with greater precision and safety in operation, presenting where appropriate both the variants with electronic tubes and semiconductors.