AirCar Prototype 1 - The flying car, a dream come true

AirCar Prototype 1 - Flying car, a dream come true (VIDEO)

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The flying car is no longer just a concept, but something tangible. AirCar, the vehicle developed by Klein Vision company, successfully flew between two cities in Slovakia.

The inter-ciry flight lasted 35 minutes, the car moving approximately 80 kilometers between the airports of Nitra and Bratislava.

AirCar Prototype Technical Specifications 1

AirCar Prototype 1, the car that successfully completed the test, has a 160 hp BMW engine and propeller. The vehicle turns from a car into an aircraft in less than three minutes.

The car is made of composite materials, which help reduce weight, with a parachute in case of problems in flight. Prof. Stefan Klein, the inventor of AirCar, claims that it can fly 1000 km at an altitude of 2500 m, with a single full of fuel.

The vehicle has many limitations, the most important of which are weight capacity and range; but who cares about that? We are talking here about a car that turns into a plane, so the invention is without a doubt and maybe very exciting.

AirCar Prototype Takeoff 1

The prototype needs a runway to take off, unable to rise vertically in the air like drones. After rising to the heights, AirCar can reach a cruising speed of 170km / h.


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  1. It will be a big problem when everyone will fly overhead, and we will be somewhere in the green air, in the garden, or we will want to rest and we will only hear the wailing and the noise of the flying ones.

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