RH Warring - Introducing Digital Circuits

84 Practical IC Projects - RH Warring - Introducing Digital Circuits

Reading time: 2 minute

Author: Ronald Horace Warring
Year of publication: 1980
Publisher: Lutterworth Press
Printed in the United States of America

What it is?

Integrated circuits (as ICs) are basic elements used in assembling modern electronic circuits. They save a lot of time in electronic constructions and offer better performance than similar circuits built from "separate" components. There are thousands of different types of integrated circuits, each of which is adaptable to many different work circuits.

The book explains and "classifies" integrated circuits in simple terms. It covers the different ways of working the simplest ICs (Op-Amps) and describes a whole range of electronic circuits based on cheap integrated circuits. The book contains 84 different electronic circuits.

The general structure of the book

  1. Introduction to Integrated Circuits
  2. General Purpose ICs (Arrays)
  3. Op Amps
  4. Audio Amplifiers
  5. Heat Sinks
  6. Complete Radio Circuits
  7. Multivibrators
  8. Voltage Regulators
  9. Electric Motor Speed ​​Controllers
  10. Fillers
  11. Introducing Digital Circuits
  12. Electronic Organs
  13. Miscellaneous Circuits

List of electronic circuits presented

1.4 IC Radio
2.2 Voltage Regulator
2.4 Voltage Regulator
2.5 Astable Multivibrator
2.6 High Gain Amplifier
2.7 Constant Current Supply
2.8 Constant Voltage Supply
3.2 Op Amp Adder
3.3 Non-inverting Adder
3.4 Inverters
3.5 Non-inverting Adder
3.6 Adder / Subtractor
3.7 Integrator
3.8 Differentiator
3.9 Differential Amplifier
3.10 Log Amplifier
3.11 Logarithmic Calculator
3.12 Voltage Follower
3.13 Voltage to Current Converter
3.14 Current to Voltage Converter
3.15 Op Amp as Current Source
3.16 Basic Multivibrator Circuits
3.17 Simple Schmitt Trigger
3.18 Schmitt Trigger
3.19 Capacitance Multiplier
4.1 Single stage amplifier (gain 100)
4.2 Single stage Amplifier (gain 100-200)
4.3 Single stage Amplifier (gain 80-120)
4.4 Cascaded Amplifier (Gain 7000)
4.5 High-gain Cascaded Amplifier (700,000 gain)
4.6 Audio Amplifier
4.9 Audio Amplifier for 4 ohm Loudspeaker
4.10 10 watt Amplifier
4.12 Stereo Amplifier
4.13 Powerful Bridge Amplifier
4.14 Simple 2 x 6 watt Stereo Amplifier
6.1 Basic Working Radio
6.2 IC Radio with Transistor Amplifier
6.3 Complete High-quality IC Radio
6.4 AM / FM Receiver
6.5 FM Receiver Front End
7.1 Square Wave Oscillator
7.2 Pulse Generator
7.3 Audio Tone Generator
7.4 Adjustable Multivibrator
7.5 Flashing Light Circuit
7.6 LED 1 - second Flasher
7.7 Free running Pulse Generator
8.1 Basic DC Supply with Regulation
8.2 Voltage Regulator
8.4 Adjustable Voltage Regulator
8.5 Voltage Regulator with Zener Diode
8.6 Voltage Regulator with Transistor
8.7 Regulated Split Supply
9.1 Electric Motor Speed ​​Controller
9.2 Electric Motor Speed ​​Controller
10.2 Low Pass Filter
10.2 High Pass Filter
10.4 Notch Filter
10.5 High - Q Notch Filter
11.6 1 bit Memory
11.7 Flip-Flop Circuit
11.8 JK Flip-Flop
11.9 D-type Flip-Flop
12.1 Master Oscillator for Electronic Organ
12.2 Basic Electronic Organ Circuit
12.3 Sustain Circuit for Organ
12.4 Decay Control for Organ
12.5 Organ Percussion Circuit
13.1 Hi-Fi Tone Control
13.3 Simple Hi-Fi Tone Control
13.4 Treble and Bass Tone Control
13.5 Tone Control for Dual Supplies
13.6 Automatic Brightness Control for LEDs
13.7 LED Tuning Indicator
13.8 Car Thief Alarm
13.10 Ice Warning Indicator
13.11 Digital Voltmeter
13.12 Infrared Transmitter
13.13 Infrared Receiver
13.14 Simple Infra-Red Receiver
13.15 Electronic Rev Counter
13.16 Quartz Crystal Clock Circuit
13.17 Alarm for Quartz Crystal Clock

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