49 Easy Transistor Projects

49 Easy Transistor Projects - Sensitive Geiger Counter

Reading time: 2 minute

Author: Robert M. Brown, Tom Kneitel
Publisher: W. FOULSHAM & CO. LTD - Slough, England
Year of publication: 1972

Did you know that ...? Is the metronome a device that emits regular auditory and visual signals, marking equal time intervals? It is of two types: mechanical, with a pendulum swinging back and forth, and electronic. It has been used for centuries, but only in 1815, the German inventor Johann Maelzel patented it as a musical instrument. Since then, it has been widely used by most artists to keep the right tempo or recordings.

What does the book present?

This book is for electronics enthusiasts interested in developing projects that can be both fun and useful.

Most of the projects presented in the book can be built in a relatively short time using only a few components. Many of the pieces can be recovered from old radios and televisions. Each project presented contains a list of parts, electronic diagram and description of functionality.

Projects in this book, which include an AM radio, an FM radio, relay controls, audio amplifiers, oscillators and test equipment - are each designed with just two types of transistors. Building these transistor projects will be both fun and educational.

The structure of the book

  1. Wireless Home Broadcast
  2. Unusual Hand Motion Music Maker
  3. Personal Code Practice Oscillator
  4. Simple One-Transistor AM Radio
  5. All-Purpose Signal Generator
  6. Echo-Chamber Amplifier
  7. Automatic Safety Flasher
  8. Headset To Speaker Adapter
  9. Batteryless Transistor Receiver
  10. Magic Meter Sounder
  11. Amazing Electronic Music Maker
  12. Miniature FM Radio
  13. CB Field Strength Meter
  14. Dynamic Mike
  15. Handy Signal Tracer
  16. Legal CW (Code) Radio Transmitter
  17. High Power AM Receiver
  18. 80 To 150 MHz VHF Receiver
  19. Supersonic Eavesdropper
  20. Powerful Code Practice Monitor
  21. Automatic AC Drive Controller
  22. Efficient 2 Transistor Audio Preamplifier
  23. Automatic Auto Light Reminder
  24. Electronic Moisture / Rain Alarm
  25. Light Beam Communications System
  26. Sunlight Radio Receiver
  27. Powerful Two Transistor Room Metronome
  28. Battery Eliminator
  29. Beginner's Regenerative Radio Set
  30. Headset Booster
  31. Transistorized Electronic Timer
  32. Audio Filter Unit
  33. Crazy Kiddie Toy
  34. Sensitive Geiger Counter
  35. Simple Audio Amplifier
  36. Sun Powered Code Practice Oscillator
  37. Transistorized Crystal Calibrator
  38. Inexpensive Direct - Coupled Amplifier
  39. House Wire CW Set
  40. CW Monitor
  41. Hi-Fi Audio Mixer
  42. Push Pull Receiver
  43. Personal Metronome
  44. Two-Transistor Sensitive Light Relay
  45. Blinker
  46. Square Wave Audio Generator
  47. Automatic Sound Switcher
  48. Audio Frequency Meter
  49. One Transistor Light Relay



  1. Did you know that that old electronic metronome never worked right? I needed it, it would have been a useful tool, I built it and made it. That's why I say. After a long time I found a mechanical one, something else but it worked.

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