2N2222 - The most successful and most widely used transistor ever developed

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When did 2N2222 appear?

The NPN 2N2222 transistor is used in applications that require amplification of low currents and low or medium voltages. 2N2222 is a very common electronic component, meaning it has a general use.

2N2222 belongs to a family of devices described by Motorola at a convention IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers) since 1962. Since then it has been made by many semiconductor companies such as: ITT Semiconductors, CRP Industries, IPRS Baneasa, National Semiconductor etc.

Production of transistor 2N2222 at IPRS Baneasa

IPRS was created in 1962 and has provided over time the components necessary for the development of the industry of professional equipment, automation and computer technology, primarily for the development of the industrial branches of Romania.

The export was permanently conditioned by the assurance to the greatest extent of the internal necessities. But the guaranteed quality of IPRS products has created the necessary conditions for the sale of these components on the foreign market as well. Thus, it was exported, without confrontations with quality problems or complaints, approx. 30% of value production, 25% of physical production, ie tens of millions of components.

Representative in the export of the 2200 section were the diodes 1N148, BA 244, transistors 2N2369 A, BF 173, BB 126, BC 171-174, 2N2222, 2N2222A, BF 458 and electronic toys. Section 2300 exports significant 40 A and 60 A axles. Section 2400 exports Integrated Circuits. In 1990 IPRS had 9000 employees, was privatized in 1999 and went bankrupt after 2000.

Below we present macro pictures inside the transistor capsule produced by Motorola, ITT Semiconductors, CRP Industries, IPRS Baneasa and National Semiconductor.

1. IPRS Baneasa 2N2222 - NPN, 40V, 800mA, 500mW, TO18 capsule
2. ITT Semiconductors 2N2222A - NPN, 40V, 800mA, TO-18 capsule
3. CRP Industries JAN2N2222A - NPN
4. Motorola 2N2222 - NPN, 30V, 800mA, TO-18 capsule
5. National Semiconductor 2N2222A - NPN



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  1. IPRS Baneasa we also had a manufacturer of components and kits. I think there is no IPRS BANEASA kit that would not have made it. And at that time they had performance and enviable parameters considering that no professional components were used.

    1. We have the BC, because we are poorer. I would go for the computer boards left after disassembly, where on foreign computers, it was mostly 2N.

    2. Mostly, BC are transistors for analog applications, 2N for digital; of course they can be interchangeable, but in finesse applications it matters quite a bit; that's why we mostly find 2Ns in computers; works with only two states: closed / open; in analog works with a range of values. There are many differences.

      1. Of course I know their field of applicability after 10 years of electronic troubleshooting laboratory in computers and peripherals in which I worked hard, but in my activity at that time I met more BC107. I assumed that later, after I left this field, 2N took revenge.

  2. Come back to the puppets, if we weren't experts in electronics we'd be dead long ago.
    I do not mean physically, but intellectually.
    Most young people believe that everything came from the West.
    Wrong, I was in the time of Cup, the most powerful Nation in the world in the electronic field after Japan.
    But what will he learn today?
    Disaster! (interest).

    1. At that time I had friends at ICCE or Microelecronica, IPRS, who made any western integration more special to order, there isn't much that can't be copied, or transistors and integrated ones were stronger than the ones outside, that is the chip. of silicon was overripe compared to the original ones, tensions, intensities, much higher powers.

      1. Okay super but did they do anything new? Like, if the outsiders used 5 chips in the TV, the Romanians would do everything in one chip. Naa, they were waiting for the outsiders to invent that chip and they were very strong because they could copy it anytime, very strong…

    1. Each company designs its silicon differently so that the final parameters are the same. They cannot be perfectly identical because they can be different processes or infringed patents.

  3. I bought licenses and production lines in the 60's and 70's and I've always made the same components for a quarter of a century. Even with "savings" that made them even worse than they were in the beginning
    It didn't matter, we weren't allowed to bring anything in anyway.

  4. You are absolutely right. The 2N2222 transistor is the most versatile transistor used in probably more designs than any transistor.

  5. If they weren't the ones from DIE to steal like in the woods, the serfs wouldn't even know what silicon is good for. Apart from silicosis, they found nothing else: D.

  6. In 1990, transistors EFT, ASZ, AD, AC (germanium) were still on display at the "Dioda" store, which were exhibited by the museum in the West. That's how backward the RSR electronics industry was. Whoever had a BFY90 to make a UIF antenna amplifier for Bulgarians was the king of the neighborhood envied by all the neighbors.

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