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Dr. Phys. Eugen Pavel, Inventor of Hyper CD-ROM (Petabyte Optical Disc)

Reading time: 3 minute Dr. Phys. Eugen Pavel, from the Institute of Atomic Physics in Magurele, made a CD (Compact Disk), made of glass, with a storage capacity 15000 times higher compared to an ordinary one. In November 1999, his invention was awarded the gold medal at the "Brussels Europa" World Invention Fair. In the same year, the author wanted at any cost the serial production of this CD in Romania.

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Pivetta Opera Only - Perhaps the most expensive audio amplifier in the world

Reading time: 2 minute With a height of over 2 m, a weight of 1500 kg and an impressive design, it looks more like a futuristic teleportation device than a power amplifier. Its beauty is matched only by specifications. In the construction of this applicator, some more special materials were used, such as: aeronautical quality aluminum and gold.

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Bletchley Park - UK Cryptanalysis in WWII

Reading time: 3 minute During World War II, Bletchley Park was the headquarters of the UK's leading cryptanalysis organization. The codes and figures of several Axis states were deciphered here, the most important being the German Enigma and Lorenz cars, owned by the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which regularly entered the Axis Powers' secret communications.

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BC107, BC108 and BC109 - The beginnings of world production

Reading time: 4 minute The BC107 family, 108, 109 in the TO-18 metal capsule, has been produced worldwide since 1965 by Philips, Siemens, AEG-Telefunken, SESCOSEM, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Fairchild, SGS Thomson and IPRS Baneasa. After 1975, similar and equivalent transistors were manufactured in plastic capsules, at a cost price 20-40% lower.

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Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.10 - Televisions with 4 integrated circuits

Reading time: 2 minute The color TV that was to be manufactured at Electronica in 1983 consumes less than 100W from the mains and works freely at mains voltages between 150V and 250V. In this way, the design ensures that an essential task for the national economy and for the remote owner is achieved: energy saving.

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How to build a 2 x 3W stereo audio amplifier with BA5406?

Reading time: 3 minute The DIY kit shown is an AB class audio amplifier that uses the BA5406 integrated circuit produced by ROHM. Easy to make, with only a few electronic components, it can connect without problems to most signal preamplifiers or to the output of sound cards from the PC, its input impedance being high.

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MAX712 - Controller for fast charging of NiCd / NiMH batteries

Reading time: 4 minute MAX712 (and MAX713, with very small differences) is a specialized integrated circuit for fast charging of NiCd or NiMH batteries from a direct current voltage source. From 1 to 16 elements (1.2V) connected in series can be charged, their number being programmed by hardware.

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How to build a 1W audio amplifier with TDA7052?

Reading time: 2 minute There are many applications that require a simple, inexpensive and reasonable power amplifier for portable circumstances (trips). The TDA7052 is a very easy to build, battery-powered power amplifier with decent power for its size and simplicity. The article contains two construction variants of the 1W amplifier.

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2N2222 - The most successful and most widely used transistor ever developed

Reading time: 2 minute The NPN 2N2222 transistor is used in applications that require amplification of low currents and low or medium voltages. The article also contains macro pictures inside the transistor capsule produced by Motorola, ITT Semiconductors, CRP Industries, IPRS Baneasa and National Semiconductor.

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EFD108 - The most used germanium diode in Romania (IPRS Baneasa)

Reading time: 3 minute Point diodes (like EFD108) can be considered the "ancestors" of Schottky diodes. They used to be called "Schottky microdiodes with germanium". Although constructive differs a lot, the operation is very close, the opening threshold is lower than the PN junction diodes with germanium (approx. 0.2V) and they do not have that "steep bend" in the opening area of ​​the junction diodes.

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How to build a ringtone with touch sensor?

How to build a ringtone with touch sensor?

Reading time: 2 minute The classic "bell button" (simple return switch) can be and even is replaced, in many mini-automation assemblies, with a resistive sensor (touch). The example described in the article illustrates this "replacement" in the case of a common multivibrator circuit with transistors, used as a bell.

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What are ICE (In Circuit Emulators) and how do they work?

What are ICE (In Circuit Emulators) and how do they work?

Reading time: 5 minute The emulator is a high-performance solution for developing microcontroller applications. If in electronics without microcontrollers the oscilloscope is used, in applications with microcontrollers the circuit emulators are also used. It is the most efficient way to see what is happening inside the microcontroller.

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